Looking for a fresh new lawn, the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer, the heart of the garden lays beneath your feet.

Garden Parties, Family barbeques, football matches, bowling greens & tennis courts all need the Green green grass of home. We Can completely transform your outdoor space into a lush green garden and why not ask about our wildflower Turf for your woodland and bee friendly gardens too.

We pride our self with the Best Turf Laying in Kent, Using Kentish Grown Turf for your garden.

We offer exceptional service and value for money for high quality turf we can also provide some of the best topsoil, Bark and Mulch for your flower beds.

Benefits of a Lawn

  • Oxygen – A 250m2 healthy lawn will absorb CO2 and produce enough oxygen to sustain a family of 4
  • Water wise – Lawns absorb rainfall, reducing water lost to run-off which is efficient in times of drought and effective in reducing flash flooding
  • Good for the environment – Turf traps and filters dust from the air and purifies water as it passes through the underground aquifers
  • Cooling – Natural turf stays cool during hot weather; up to 30 degrees cooler than hard landscaping surfaces
  • Hygienic – Natural lawns through the process of growing and respiring, are a self-cleaning surface
  • Emotional health – Standing barefoot on natural grass is proven to trigger a reduction in the signs of stress, with lowering of both heart rate and blood pressure


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