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3 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Patio or Driveway

When was the last time you performed maintenance work on your patio? Have you lost track of the number of problems with your driveway? Like any landscaping feature in Ashford and the surrounding areas, garden patios and driveways have a finite lifespan. While a leading paving company can optimise the length of your investment, the constant exposure to the elements, not to mention foot and vehicle traffic, will eventually result in surface failure.

From standalone porcelain paving installations to full garden design projects of any size, the team at Kent Best Landscapers share over 25 years of landscaping experience. While we use our expertise to bring new ideas and concepts to life, we can also advise on when your current installations need replacing.

Below, we have taken a closer look at 3 common signs that indicate you need to replace your patio or driveway. To schedule an initial consultation with a member of our paving company in the comfort of your own home, please call 07793 107246 or 07528 230530, or use our contact information to get in touch. We happily visit locations throughout Ashford.

How to Spot Degrading Garden Patios & Driveways

Rough Surface Appearance

As the years progress, your driveway may develop a worn, rough appearance. This is due to the constant fluctuations in climate as well as heavy vehicles weighing it down. Common signs in this regard include:

  • Divots

  • Slopes

  • Tyre Marks

  • A Generally Faded and Lacklustre-Looking Surface

As a back garden design feature, your patio won’t have the hallmarks of constant car use. The signs that show too much wear and tear will depend on how you use it. For example, a household with young children may see wider wear and tear than an elderly couple. A general fading of vibrant colour is a frequent occurrence though.

Our landscaping and paving company supplies and lays premium porcelain paving. This helps to create stunning, durable garden patios and driveways that don’t fade over time.

Surface Cracks

When you spot a crack in your patio or driveway in Ashford, it’s usually the result of a long process that has degraded the surface over time. As such, by the time the symptom appears, the damage may be worse than it looks.

If left untreated, cracks will only worsen at a swift pace, especially over autumn and winter. Rain will penetrate the surface, freeze, expand and thaw again. This not only widens and lengthens the crack, it loosens the surface materials too. It also damages the groundworks beneath.

Garden patios and driveways are focal points. They are central to garden designs at the front and rear of your property. Replacing cracked and tired materials with luxury porcelain paving achieves an immediate improvement in aesthetics.

As a paving company specialising in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping, we can draw up a full garden design with a new patio or driveway as the centrepiece.

Overgrown Weeds

As if cracks weren’t bad enough, you may also find weeds growing from within them. Drifting seeds find their way into even tiny cracks before laying roots and shooting upward. Not only is it tough to drive over these growths, weeds make your Ashford home look untidy and unkempt.

Again, the situation with weeds will only worsen without action. If you persist with the same surface, you guarantee yourself more time spent on backbreaking maintenance work. Weeds are stubborn to remove and often reappear soon after you think they’re gone.

If you eventually give up, the weeds’ roots will grow beneath the surface, causing more damage.

While investing in new garden patios and driveways does require a sizeable initial investment, the benefits are hard to ignore. For example, you eliminate hours spent on maintenance and ongoing repair costs.

Our landscaping and paving company has completed countless garden design projects in Ashford and across Kent. We can breathe new life into outside spaces of any size. For the ultimate in elegance and longevity, consider our porcelain paving range.

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