Garden Design in Maidstone | A Closer Look at Porcelain Paving

Are you in the early stages of a landscaping or garden design project? If yes, you may have encountered the term ‘porcelain paving’. This product has started somewhat of a paving revolution. From Maidstone to Kent to locations across the UK, this paving option has taken the country by storm. As a time-served paving company, we can attest to the growing popularity of porcelain designs in garden patios and pathways.

In fact, many in our trade believe porcelain paving is on track to become one of the most significant hard landscaping formats. Estimates already suggest that it could take up to 20% of the market share in the years to come.

Below, however, we have focused on the here and now. We recognise that garden design projects of any size represent large investments. As such, we have offered a comprehensive guide to this paving format, covering everything from the manufacturing process to the many benefits.

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Your Guide to Porcelain Paving

The Manufacturing Process

While each manufacturer may adapt the ingredients of their paving, they usually include:

The clays selected for use are more purified and refined than those used for ceramics.

The manufacturer places the above ingredients into a huge rotating drum. This works like a mill, mixing the ingredients together while grinding down the sand and clay.

Next, the mixed materials go through a refining process before being ground down into a powder. They then add water to the mixture in order to produce a material known as ‘slip’. An atomiser then reduces this mixture into particles of equal combination sand, clay and water. This process also creates particles of equal size.

The manufacturer then passes the resulting material through a machine that presses it into the size and shape of the porcelain paving you associate with garden patios, hard landscaping and garden design projects in Maidstone and across Kent.

Following this, the manufacturers then print a design onto the unfinished slabs. But it isn’t fully visible at this point. Instead, the design only comes out when the product passes through a specially designed kiln. The kiln is approximately 1,400 degrees and hundreds of metres long.

The slabs pass through slowly, baking in the process. This brings out the final colour and design. When cooled, the process results in a beautifully finished paving slab ready for shipping to our paving company.

Porcelain Paving or Ceramic Paving?

Ultimately, you must make your decision based on your own specific tastes, design aspirations and budget. Generally speaking, the porcelain we supply and lay in and around Maidstone is harder than ceramic. It also provides greater flexibility in garden design projects too.

While they are both made from naturally occurring materials, the clay used in porcelain products has a more purified, refined quality. Because these materials also undergo baking at a much higher temperature, the resulting paving slabs have much lower porosity.

What are the benefits of using porcelain paving?

Whether you need our landscaping and paving company for our expertise in garden patios or a full garden design project, porcelain products will make a great addition.

These products have incredible resistance to extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. They also have impressive resistance to damage from moss, mould and other organic growths.

Unlike alternative landscaping options, porcelain paving doesn’t fade. The original colour you choose to feature in your garden design stays true.

This product also makes a perfect solution for areas that see high amounts of wear and tear, such as garden patios. Porcelain is extremely durable, so it can withstand foot traffic and reasonable loads placed upon it.

What’s more, this material is naturally non-slip. As such, our paving company not only creates stunning gardens in Maidstone, but safe ones too.

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