Garden Patios in Tonbridge | The Most Popular Patio Materials Laid by Our Paving Company

When you think of your dream patio, what material do you picture? The potential options for garden patios can seem endless. Block paving, porcelain paving, Indian sandstone, natural stone – these are all popular choices that easily get the creative juices flowing. But this list only scratches the surface for possibilities at your Tonbridge home.

As a customer-focused landscaping and paving company, we put your satisfaction at the heart of our garden design services. If you’re unsure which route to take with your new patio, our team is here to help.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular materials we use in designs for garden patios, be they in Tonbridge or any other location in Kent.

Popular Garden Patio Materials

Porcelain Paving

As a time-served paving company, we can confirm that this landscaping material is by no means new. However, it is witnessing a surge in popularity when it comes to garden design in the UK. With long-standing roots in Italy and Spain, as well as China, porcelain paving has already proven its qualities around the world.

A combination of premium clays, pure fine sand and naturally occurring minerals, porcelain slabs are moulded and baked at temperatures as high as 1,400֯C. The result of this compacting and vitrification process eliminates voids and air pockets inside the pavers.

As a result, this paving option has incredibly low porosity. This makes it naturally non-slip, resistant to frost and impressively durable. When combined with its style, elegance and versatility, porcelain paving makes a bold choice for garden patios in Tonbridge.

Block Paving

This option has an enduring appeal with homeowners, not to mention our landscaping and paving company. In addition to patios, block paving holds great popularity on driveways and pathways too. As the name suggests, these patios consist of individually laid blocks that create a much larger surface.

The piece-by-piece nature of these installations makes them customisable. Blocks come in a variety of colours, so it’s possible for our team to draw up bespoke designs in line with your ideas and overall garden design concept.

Due to their structure, block paving garden patios are porous too. Because rainwater has a natural space to drain away, you reduce the chances of developing issues with standing water. Needless to say, as an experienced landscaping and paving company, we ensure every patio we lay in Tonbridge and across Kent has optimal drainage capabilities.

Indian Sandstone

Like porcelain paving, Indian sandstone has a stylish, versatile appeal. This is why it remains a popular choice for a wide range of patio designs, from traditional to contemporary. Due to its light, sandy colour, this landscaping material brightens up gardens of any size, especially during the darker days of winter.

Our paving company recommends Indian sandstone because it has a large quantity of quartz crystals, making it incredibly durable. This means it can withstand extreme cold and heat without any detrimental effects. As an added benefit, this means your patio won’t discolour or fade too.

If you’re looking at options for low-maintenance garden patios in Tonbridge, Indian sandstone ticks every box. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and most of the grime and dirt that accumulates over the weeks and months will usually wash away in the rain. You can easily hose off anything that remains.

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